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Simple, scalable and single unit Glob is much more than a driver assistance tool. Glob is an assistant to the decision on the road. Glob favors your safety and comfort in order to make your drive more enjoyable.

  • Simple

    For convenience when downloading preferences are pre set. Download, Install, Drive. All features are thought to be helpful and quickly accessible on the road.

  • Rich

    Glob includes many useful features all based on glubbers feedbacks. With Private Glub, road becomes pleasant and safe. Traffic information, road events, speed cams, friends, biker view, alerts, personalization, funny features and more. Any missing feature? Your needs change, Glob fits.

  • Community driven

    Glob is made by the community for the community. Several million Glubbers already rolling with you. This "Glub System" allows you to stay connected and informed in real time. Do not wait and join us for to make the road more pleasant.

Key features

Glob uses smartphones as a probe to anonymously collect positions, speeds and directions for reliable traffic information.

Traffic Info

Follow real-time traffic information worldwide. Each Glubber participates to the accuracy of information. Basically you have the information from Glob and Google (or both). If needed, we can add your own sources of traffic info.

Warning Device

Glob places particular emphasis on the accuracy of information by maintaining an updated database through Glubbers. You can report, modify safely and with one click all the important information: accidents, roadwork, speed cams and their direction. A voice and / or visual alert informs you of the road conditions. Customize your Glob.

Biker View

Glob thinks to motorcycles for traffic info and speed cameras. Because bikers are more fragile, Glob has the information displayed such way it suit to bikers. Glob gives you access to the same information as motorists.


Be connected by Glob with your favorite GPS application. A "Glob Widget" tells you your speed, speed limit and also allows you to report, confirm or cancel events. The \"Glob Widget\" is customizable in terms of position, content to fit your desires.

Community Based

Already 3 million of Glubbers. Glob is made by and for Glubbers to prevent all road events during your trip. The emphasis is on safety and comfort. Glob is also committed to the happiness of Glubbers with new funny features to share with friends and other Glubbers. Prepare to be smiling on the road. Because you are precious Glob makes the road safer and more pleasant soon.


Glob invented the concept of ecolomy. When economy rhymes with ecology. By anticipating the road traps, Glob helps you reducing your fuel consumption and your CO2emission. The accuracy of Glob truly reduces your travel time and allow you to anticipate all your trips. Your money is precious, the planet also. Glob helps you adopt an economical and ecological driving.

Glub Gallery

Glob in action: info traffic, speed limits, localization, accidents, speed cams

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